Digital Metalla presentation

On April 19, the press conference to present the Digital Metalla project took place in Iglesias, in the Sala Remo Branca of the Town Hall. Participants: Mauro Usai, Mayor of Iglesias; Claudio Piccinin, Foreign Director of Todini S.p.A.; Battista Grosso, Director of CINIGeo; Michele Caria, Sole Director of IGEA Spa; Roberto Esquinazi, Enterprise Sales Director of Schneider Electric; Salvatore Pulvirenti and Antonio Pittalis Administrators and Co-founders of Dauvea Srl

interventions of participants

Salvatore Pulvirenti (Co-founder of Dauvea)

The company mission, the commitment to ambitious projects and the Carlofortina origin of Dauvea: “It really happens”.

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Antonio Pittalis (Co-founder of Dauvea)

Digital Metalla, the use of groundwater for a sustainable and energy efficient project. 

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Mauro Usai (Mayor of the Municipality of Iglesias)

 The Metalla mine: the strategic advantages deriving from the use of abandoned mining sites.

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Claudio Piccinin (Foreign Director of Todini Costruzioni spa)

The growth perspective of the “Digital Metalla” project and the strong interest in collaborating with DAUVEA.

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