Security Operation Center (SOC)

As part of its Colocation offering, Digital Metalla provides a Security Operations Center (SOC) service, a dedicated operational environment for the continuous management and monitoring of information and system security for businesses.
The SOC plays a fundamental role in cybersecurity defense, threat detection, incident response, and security operations management.


Continuous monitoring

The SOC continuously monitors and analyzes security logs, network traffic, user activities, and other security-related data to identify anomalous behaviors or potential threats.

Threat detection

It identifies and responds to suspicious or confirmed security events such as malware detection, DDoS attacks, phishing attempts, and other types of cyber threats.

Forensic analysis

It conducts in-depth analysis to understand the nature and extent of security incidents. This includes investigating causes, collecting digital evidence, and documenting actions taken.

Incident response

It implements incident response procedures and protocols to mitigate the effects of attacks, restore operational normality, and prevent future incidents.

Access management

It monitors and manages user access to ensure it is authorized and compliant with security policies.

Threat intelligence

It integrates threat intelligence information to understand new trends, attacker behaviors, and compromise indicators.

Attack simulations and security testing

It conducts security testing and attack simulations to assess system resilience and identify any vulnerabilities.

Training and awareness

It provides regular training to staff to maintain good security awareness and reduce the risk of unsafe behaviors.