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Digital Metalla: the digital conversion of an ancient Roman mine

From the incredible history of Metalla, a lost city in Sardinia located in the last stretch of the Romana Tibulas Sulcis Road and home of the oldest mining town on the island, a visionary project was born for the industrial conversion of a dismissed mining site into a latest generation Green Datacenter: Digital Metalla, a digital mine.

A Green Datacenter

Digital Metalla is a highly innovative Datacenter, that with a PUE target lower than 1.1, with the aid of a photovoltaic power plant and the possible add-on of a green hydrogen production plant, can compete with the world’s best infrastructures in terms of energy efficiency.
The project, modular and scalable, is born with characteristics capable of maximizing the usage of natural resources available on site and, from a green perspective, always with the maximum respect for the surrounding environment.

We protect your data

In a world where your data has a growing central role in the economic system and the usage of environmental resources is a strategical element for the development of businesses, the objective of Digital Metalla is to convert a mine form a plant for raw material extraction to a technological site for the elaboration, storage and protection of digital assets.
A site with the highest level of physical and cyber security protection to preserve the strategic assets of your business.

Safe, unique and efficient

Created for business of every dimension, Digital Metalla grants maximum level performance and security, thanks to its characteristics of architectural scalabilities, physical impenetrability and tectonic stability. The region is considered, for its geological history to be immune from seismic phenomena. These important morphological characteristics of stability make the site unique in the national landscape, also in terms of risk management and reduction.


The zone in which the Digital Metalla site is located is one of the most economically depressed of the European Union, it resides in the area hit with the complex industrial crisis of Portovesme. Furthermore, the project’s success will bring an immense positive image return, contributing to improve the reputation and the attractiveness of the area.


The area chosen for the construction of Digital Metalla is located in the now ex province of Sulcis-Iglesiente in Sardinia, in a disused mining site .